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About us

We are a Catholic organization created by Lay people committed to work and serve the Church. We radiate our communication action from Miami - Florida, United States to the world.

Our Founders men and women, volunteers and collaborators, have gone through Emmaus retreats giving testimony of their lives and how the mercy of Jesus and Mary has transformed their lives.

In the brotherhood of EMMAUS of men and women as laity, the idea of carrying out a digital radio and TV project that formed in a Catholic culture and that made known the voices of hope of a living and hopeful Church emerged.


“And their eyes were opened, and they recognized him”. (Luke 24:31). RTVEmmaus is a Non-Profit Organization whose design is to enlighten, inspire and educate all individuals, about the “One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church”. In doing so we hope to, increase one’s personal spirituality bring them closer to, Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.


RTVEMMAUS is a Catholic media outlet for the mobilization of thousands of netizens to defend the FAITH and live according to the Gospel with Hope and Charity.
We are encouraged by the desire to work for a Church that opens to the peripheries through evangelization, increasing personal holiness and opening the hearts of thousands of people in the world who have lost Hope in the body of the Church of Christ. With the guidance of the Holy Spirit and the love of the Virgin Mary we will carry our message to promote a living and hopeful Church.

Our Goals

  • Recover family and each person's values to invite them to prayer.

  • Promote the defense of the Catholic tradition and spread the love of Jesus and Mary through the global digital media.

  • Establish national and international inter-institutional networks and alliances with the media and community to spread the message of the gospel and generate a culture of encounter.

  • Produce with quality the programs broadcast by RTVEMMAUS digital media.

  • Listen in an interactive dialogue with our audiences.

What We Do

  • RTVEmmaus is a public communication project for Catholic action that seeks to spread and promote an encounter with the other, making use of new technologies and digital tools for information and communication.
    We base our work on the need to accompany a Church in Exit to the peripheries, as a meeting place with our motto “WHO COMMUNICATES LOVES” to invite the mobilization of thousands of bedizens to defend the FAITH and live the gospel with Hope and Charity.

  • We are facilitators of communication and public information processes created by the Church and for the Church in a process of permanent evangelization.

  • We will promote social solidarity and fraternal charity for a Church that opens to the peripheries propitiated through the merciful Love of Jesus.

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