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Emmaus International Foundation Inc.

Emmaus International Foundation
About RTV Emmaus

About us

We are a Catholic organization made up Lay people committed to the service of the Church, as well as communicating the Truth of the Catholic Church via our various social media platforms. This takes place from our home-base in Miami, Florida USA and carried to all parts of the world.

Our Founders men and women, volunteers and collaborators, have gone through the Emmaus retreats giving testimony of their lives and how the mercy of Jesus and Mary has transformed their lives.

The idea to carry on this project, utilizing the various platforms, such as Radio, Digital TV and Social Media Platforms, for the purpose of forming a Catholic culture, delivering a voice of hope of Church that’s alive, was borne by a group of Emmaus men and women committed to the teachings of the Church.


“And their eyes were opened, and they recognized him”. (Luke 24:31). RTVEMMAUS is a Non-Profit Organization whose purpose is to enlighten, inspire and educate our community, about the “One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church”. In doing so we hope to increase one’s personal spirituality to defend the faith and draw closer to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.


RTVEMMAUS is a Catholic media platform created to mobilize the Catholic community, as well those that identify themselves as the “NONES”, to defend the faith and live according to the Gospel’s message of Hope and Charity.
We are encouraged by a Church that “goes out” to the peripheries through evangelizing and opening the hearts of thousands of people who have lost Hope in the Church of Christ. With the guidance of the Holy Spirit and the love of the Virgin Mary, we will carry our message to promote a living and hopeful Church.

Our Goals

  • Recover the family and traditional values to invite them to a life of prayer.
  • Promote the defense of the Catholic tradition and spread the love of Jesus and Mary through the global digital media.
  • Establish national and international inter-institutional networks and alliances with the media and community to spread the message of the gospel and generate a culture of encounter.
  • The production of quality programs broadcasted by RTVEMMAUS.
  • Create an interactive dialogue with our audience by actively listening.

What We Do

RTVEMMAUS is a public communication project for Catholic action that seeks to disseminate and promote an encounter with each other, making use of new technologies and digital tools for information and communication.

Our work is rooted on the need to accompany an expanding Church, as a meeting place whose motto is “WHO COMMUNICATES, LOVES” to encourage the mobilization of thousands of citizens to defend the faith and live the gospel with Hope and Charity.

We are facilitators communication and information established by the Church and for the Church in a process of permanent evangelization.

We will promote social solidarity and fraternal charity for a Church that “goes out” the peripheries radiating the merciful Love of Jesus.


Our Team

Homero Cruz

Ernesto De la Hoz

Jose A Jurado
On Air Talent/Director

Jose Adan Abreu
Radio Host/Reporter

Carlos A Velez
News Director/Journalist

German Cubillos
Spanish Programming Director

Benjamin Herrera
Advertising Director

Raymond Galvin
English Programming Director

Mario García
Events Director

Bladimir Jaen
Music/Director & Producer

How to Help

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